Spice Up Your Mobile Phone With the Vivo Y33S

Vivo has once again re-entered the smartphone market with its new line of smartphones. Earlier it launched the Vivo Play, but that got delayed due to various reasons. But now it has launched the stylish and compact Vivo Y! which is a fine substitute to the Play. The device features an Always On Display feature, in which the screen is always shown whether you have notifications or not. vivo y33s

Vivo has once again impressed with the large and beautiful display of the Y! It comes with a huge 5.aru touch screen which has the ability to browse through the web directly using your finger! The large capacitive keys to help you perform your work with ease.

The Vivo Y33S also comes with a powerful quad-core processor from MediaTek along with the standard power saving mechanisms. The device comes with a stunning HD resolution camera that helps you capture crisp images and videos easily. The smart phone comes with a large 3.2 MP camera with Live view, video recording, and Photo tagging facilities. The Vivo Y 33s runs on the mature Gingerbread platform and supports the Android 2.3 operating system. The phone has a nice memory capacity, which supports the internal storage expansion of the Mezzanine application.

The Vivo Y 33s has the ability to record and store high quality videos and photos. You can store your images and videos directly to your desktop or the cloud using the MediaTek Drive apps. The drive stores your photos in folders and lets you view and edit the images using your own apps. The vivo y33s comes with a powerful secondary burst light that helps you take stunning images with better clarity and color.

The Vivo Y 33s comes with a stylish and powerful body that looks like a mini notebook. The curved screen and alluring soft keypad give you an easy navigation facility. The spacious back surface is enhanced with a dual speaker set, which gives you dual audio sound experience. The connectivity options on the phone are fast charging, data transfer, OMA cable, Bluetooth, HSDPA, GSM support, and WiFi. With such a powerful and compact design, it is easy to see why this handset has become one of the most sought after phones among professional users.

The Vivo Y33S comes with a unique user interface that gives you a preview of the wallpaper and other features to come. The software supports many common applications including; Google Maps, Google+, Gmail, Yahoo Messenger, PowerPoint, Picasa, and many more. However, there are several unique functions that this handset comes bundled with that differentiate it from its competitors. The powerful media engine, high definition camera, and non-removable memory are some of the best technologies that are packed into one sleek device. If you want to keep pace with the latest in technology, then the Vivo Y33S is the handset for you.

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